Terms & Conditions

We at Hunter Valley Stays have updated our Covid Cancellation Policy for all new enquiries and bookings.
As widely reported and acknowledged by Federal and State Governments and NSW Health, COVID-19 and its variants such as Omicron are now part of our day-to-day lives. Despite precautions and vaccinations, the rapid spread of COVID-19 variants will affect many people and travellers in the foreseeable future both locally and internationally. 
We very much appreciate your understanding during these challenging times, particularly during the peak summer holiday season. Please be assured that our staff will do everything they can to make your stay in the Hunter relaxing and enjoyable.
Currently there is no restriction to travel or staying in holiday accommodation in NSW - you can read more from NSW Health HERE.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have offered extensive goodwill and accommodated thousands of guests by moving, transferring and refunding more than 4,000 bookings. Wherever possible we have assisted travellers at enormous cost to our business and we are grateful to our kind property hosts who have been incredibly flexible in trying to accommodate all requests.
However, with the accelerated spread of the Omicron variant and the ongoing challenge of closely observing NSW Public Health Orders, this is no longer viable or tenable for our business and for our property hosts. Moreover, it is virtually impossible for us to resell a property with minimal lead time resulting from a cancellation or change of booking dates at short notice.
Terms and conditions for existing bookings
The standard Terms & Conditions for your booking were agreed at the time of booking. The Terms & Conditions will vary as required by the NSW Public Health Orders.  
As per our standard Terms & Conditions, all confirmed accommodation bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable unless we are notified 28 days prior to arrival.
As per the standard terms and conditions and NSW Public Health Orders as of 28 December 2021 the following apply:
If you are affected by COVID-19, or any related variants, and your travels are impacted or you are required to self-isolate, you will need to do so as required by the NSW Public Health Orders and incur any outcomes of that isolation requirement including loss of your confirmed accommodation booking and any paid funds.
If due to concerns about COVID-19, or any related variants, you no longer wish to use your confirmed accommodation booking, this is not considered a viable reason for a refund. A change of mind by the primary guest for a confirmed accommodation booking is not considered a viable reason for a refund. 
If any of your travelling party are affected by COVID-19, or any related variants, or other medical issues, your confirmed booking will not be transferable or refunded. Guest requirements to isolate or quarantine are not accepted as a reason for cancellations or booking movements.
If you or any of your party are not permitted to travel for any reason, you will need to find other guests to take up your confirmed booking or guest numbers. If this is not possible, any monies paid will be forfeited.
As always, we recommend travellers seek travel insurance to cover any costs they may incur.
If any of these terms are not suitable to you, and there are 28 days prior to your arrival, please contact us immediately and our standard cancellation policy will apply.
If a non-essential travel ban is re-imposed through a NSW Public Health Order will we again update our Terms and Conditions.


Hunter Valley Stays Holiday Rentals

Hunter Valley Stays asks that you please read these Terms & Conditions carefully and in full.

Welcome!  We are proud to introduce to you a unique property; an amazing home where guests can relax in comfort and luxury.  Hunter Valley Stays strives to ensure that each and every guest enjoys an experience beyond his or her expectations.

As we entrust an entire property into guests’ hands, complete with bespoke and often expensive fit-outs, we do expect that guests read, abide, and comply by the Terms and Conditions (especially our strictly enforced ‘no party’ policy), and By-Laws instructed from the Manager and Security Services during their stay.  We ask guests to show the upmost care and responsibility, and it is expected that the property and furnishings be returned in the exact same condition at the end of stays as at the beginning.

Before booking, please understand that it is a requirement that any damage or accidents, unintentional or otherwise, are the responsibility of the guest and that the guest will meet these repair or replacement costs.  Given its’ definition we do accept that accidents may occur, but any accident is the responsibility of the guest.  Hunter Valley Stays will always go above and beyond to repair or replace, by the most cost-effective means, in order to restore the property to the same condition as it was before the guest took occupancy.

It is important that that guests choose a property to suit their expectations, whilst knowing ours, it is our expectation that our properties are solely used for quiet holiday purposes, and that guests understand their responsibilities before booking.

Rest assured, in saying the above, we are not unreasonable, and encourage guests to talk to us if there is concern – communication can solve anything!  We know that 99.9% of our guests are amazing, lovely people who simply wish to holiday in comfort – this is what we strive to provide.  Please, if in doubt, talk to us as these measures are not designed to prevent our guests from the normal, relaxing use of a holiday home, only to prevent those who believe having a party or not respecting a property and its’ neighbours, is acceptable.

We thank you, and very much look forward to welcoming you soon as our valued Guest.



1.         DEFINITIONS

1.1       “Booking” means the period for which you have stayed, or intend to stay, at the property

1.2        “Property” means the premises you have booked and all its fixtures, fittings, and equipment.

1.3        “Management” means Hunter Valley Stays.

1.4        “Primary Guest” means the person who makes and pays for both the deposit and final payment, and provides their credit card information for the security deposit/bond.  Credit card payments may only be accepted from the Primary Guest.  Payments from any other guest will not be accepted.

1.5        “Guests” mean the persons who stay overnight at the property during the booking.

1.6        “Visitor” means a person or guest permitted to visit the property during the booking.

1.7        “Owner” means the person or persons or legal entity that owns the Property.

1.8        “Agents” mean a 3rd party booking provider e.g.,,, VRBO/HomeAway/



2.1        Payment of the rental deposit constitutes the Primary Guests’ acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2        If a guest is booking on behalf of other people, the person booking the accommodation is responsible for the property, and for making all guests and visitors aware of and abide by these Terms & Conditions.  Additional information on the property and its functionality are available to guests in the properties’ House Compendium.

2.3       You must be at least 25 years of age to book any accommodation with Hunter Valley Stays.

2.4        Hunter Valley Stays properties are strictly not available for end of school celebrations or bucks parties, and should Hunter Valley Stays become aware of a booking that is of this nature, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.  All cancellations terms will then apply.


3.         PAYMENT

3.1        We accept Visa and MasterCard only. There is a 1.3% credit card processing fee.

3.2        A deposit of 30% of the full tariff is required to secure the booking and paid only by the Primary Guest.  Hunter Valley Stays does not ‘hold’ properties without 30% payment.

3.3        If the arrival date is within 28 days of your booking date, the full tariff is required to secure your booking.

3.4        In the event that the full 30% deposit is not received, Hunter Valley Stays has the right to re-let the property.

3.5        The balance of the full tariff amount (70%), must be received in full, at least 28 days prior to occupancy.

3.6        If the tariff balance is not received 28 days prior to your check-in date, Management reserves the right to re-let the property. Our cancellation policy will apply, and your deposit will be forfeited.

3.7        Dependent on the size of the property, a booking fee of between $20 - $35 will be charged to the guest, in addition to the tariff.

3.8        If you have booked through an Agent website, the payment requirements of this site will apply to your booking.



4.1       When booking with us you accept that;

a. While you are in occupation, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture and fittings, and/or any consequent loss suffered by the Property Owner.

b. All fixtures, fittings, furniture and appliances are assumed to be in good working order at the commencement of your stay, and in the event that any item is not in good working order at the commencement of your stay, you must notify us immediately, so that the condition of the item can be recorded at that time.

c. If we have not received notification from you, any damage will be deemed to have been caused by you.

d. Any breakages, damage/loss or injury which occur during your occupation must be reported to us prior to your departure, and either replaced to the satisfaction of the Property Owner, or paid for prior to departure at an amount determined by the Property Owner at their absolute discretion. Failure to comply with this condition will result in your bond being held until the matter is resolved, or a claim being lodged with AirBnb, if you have made your booking through AirBnb.

e. Malfunctioning equipment or damages, - If there are any problems with the property or malfunctioning equipment, please report it immediately and do not leave your report until check-out. We do not issue refunds for problems with Satellite TV, phone, Internet, VCR/DVD players, hot tubs, games/pool tables, or anything else that is not considered a necessity. We will make every effort to assist with a solution where possible; however, there may be limited contractors or service providers in the area, after hours or on weekends. You will be held responsible for any damages to the rental home or property, caused by you or your guests. Homes are inspected after each stay and if any items are missing or damaged you will be charged.

f. You have read and agreed with our Terms and Conditions. On arrival we agree to read the Property Compendium and to take note of all emergency exits and equipment. 

g. I accept that smoking inside the property is forbidden, and no cigarette butts will be discarded on the property. 

h. That the number of persons staying at the property does not exceed the numbers on the booking form at any time during the occupancy unless written approval has been agreed.

i. We agree that the property will be left in the same clean, neat and tidy condition, as it was when they arrived.  This includes, without limitation; washing up, stacking dishwasher and putting on cycle before departure, fridge cleaned out, BBQ cleaned (a $50 charge will apply), and rubbish to be placed in appropriate bins provided, wet towels to be placed in bathrooms.  If additional extra-ordinary cleaning is required, the cost will be charged against the credit card (security deposit).  In an attempt to keep tariffs low, we only have provision for the household bins only, any additional rubbish can either be removed by the guest (our recommendation), or, if additional rubbish is left behind, we will dispose at the guest’s expense – charged to the credit card (please be aware this can be as high as $200+ for excessive rubbish).  Excessive cleaning or BBQ cleaning may affect your bond.

j. I confirm that the use of the property during our stay is NOT for end of school celebrations or bucks parties, or any event that I have not received prior permission in writing from Hunter Valley Stays.

k. Many properties have locked cupboards, storerooms and sheds that belong to Owners.  Tampering with locked doors will result in a charge and legal action by the Owner.

i. Music, entertainment and sound equipment are setup for your use and enjoyment.  Please do not unplug or play with any of the connections.  Instructions for the use of equipment should be found in the house compendium.

4.2        A security deposit/bond is required for your stay and is payable as a credit card pre-authorisation. This will be processed approximately 24 - 48 hours before your arrival, so please ensure the funds are available at this time.

4.3        A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold on a security deposit, making these funds unavailable to the Primary Guest cardholder until the charge is cleared.

4.4        The held funds are cleared automatically by your bank between 3-7 business days following your stay, as long as there is no reported damage to the property.

4.5        The Primary Guest responsible for the booking must register with Hunter Valley Stays, by returning the registration form to the office, at least 14 days before check-in, to provide their credit card details and authorisation signature, which will be used for the security deposit pre-authorisation.

4.6        This Security Deposit/Bond payment may be used to cover incidental items such as (but not limited to): extra guests not included in the booking, telephone charges on the house landline, excess internet downloads, any breakages or damages incurred during the stay, odours caused by smoking, replacement keys, excess garbage, emergency call-out fees or cleaning charges in excess of the normal levels of cleaning.

4.7        Hunter Valley Stays reserves the right to debit the Primary Guest card with any extra costs above the property pre-authorisation limit if the damage or costs exceed the pre-authorisation amount.

4.8       Management will notify the Primary Guest by email prior to using any part of supplied credit card used for pre-authorisation or additional charges in excess of the pre-authorisation amount for any of the above charges.      

4.9        Any security bond claim will also be subject to a $100 administration charge to the Primary Guest card.


5.1        Parties and Functions are prohibited at Hunter Valley Stays properties without prior written approval.

5.2        The number of guests staying at the property must not exceed the number stated and paid for on the booking confirmation and guest registration notice, or subsequently agreed in writing or email by Hunter Valley Stays.

5.3        Additional guest rates will apply to additional guests staying at the property over and above the number of guests stated on the booking confirmation notice.

5.4        Visitors to the property must have prior approval from management in writing. Extra fees may apply.



6.1        Our check-in time is from 3:00pm onwards, and check-out time is 10:00am (weekdays and weekends). If the property is not vacated by the agreed time, then extra charges will be incurred.

6.2        Early check-in and late check-out may be available in agreement with Hunter Valley Stays (charges may apply) with at least 3 days’ notice before arrival.

6.3       In circumstances where the property is vacated on the same day as your arrival, then the check-in time may be later, and will be advised by the Reservations Team at Hunter Valley Stays.

6.4       Check-in and out times may change subject to availability

6.5       Hunter Valley Stays will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However, Hunter Valley Stays reserve the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.

6.6        Check-out times must be adhered to.  The property should be left in a similar state to its condition on arrival.  Please ensure all appliances, fans and air-conditioning units have been switched off, all lights have been switched off - both inside and out, all taps are turned off, no toilets are running, all garbage has been taken out, all dishes are stacked in the dishwasher and short cycle started, if any outside furniture has been moved please return to original position, fire screens are in place, all blinds are down and closed, and all curtains are drawn, BBQ has been left clean, outdoor awnings have been retracted and ALL farm gates and entry gates are closed on departure.

6.7       Loss of keys attracts a $100 replacement charge.  Should you lock yourself out or lose keys during your stay, an additional call-out fee will apply if keys need to be delivered to the property for you.

6.8        Some premises are equipped with exterior security cameras. Cameras are not monitored for guest’s safety in any way and should not be relied on by guests for personal security or security of their belongings. Cameras may be used to enforce and verify compliance with rental policies. Any damage, tampering or obstruction caused to cameras by guests may result in a partial or complete loss of security deposit funds.



7.1       Disturbance to our neighbours, including excessive noise, is prohibited and may result in termination of rental.  If your behaviour or that of your guests causes damage, danger, or annoyance we reserve the right to ask you to vacate the property immediately and be treated as a cancellation of booking, with no refund. A $400 deduction will be charged if we are required to send our Private Security Personnel. A $100 deduction will be charged if a member of Management is required to attend the property to advise you of complaints.

7.2       No music should be played outside of the house, and any noise must be kept to a minimum after 10.30pm.  Offensive noise or language is prohibited, and may result in termination of permission to occupy the property, eviction, loss of rental paid, and extra charges for security and other expenses which may be deducted from your Security Deposit/Bond under these Terms & Conditions.  In the event of a disturbance or complaint we will attempt to contact the Primary Guest on the booking to request that the disturbance cease.  In the event that we are unable to reach the Primary Guest then a member of Management will visit the property at your cost.


8.         SMOKING

8.1       All our Properties are no-smoking properties and are equipped with regulation smoke alarms.  Please do not discard butts ANYWHERE at the property including lawns and gardens. Odours in the property caused by smoking will attract an additional deodorising fee of $100.  Discarding cigarette butts in a rural area has the potential to ignite fires.


9.         FIRES

9.1        The Hunter Valley has strict fire regulations and guidelines, and in warmer months exercises a complete fire ban.  As many of our properties are rural, please do not under any circumstances and at any time, light any type of fires outside of any property, e.g., live flame BBQ’s (e.g. Webers), spit-roasts, bonfires, fire pits, campfires, fireworks and cigarette butts.

9.2        Properties with fireplaces and combustion stoves will have timber provided for guests throughout the winter season from May – September (inclusive) and subject to change based on weather conditions.



10.1      Due to open waterways, some of our properties are listed as being not Child Friendly. For this reason, pre-approval of children and infants staying at or visiting a property that is not child friendly, must be granted in writing from Hunter Valley Stays. In the case of approval being granted, constant visual supervision of children is required at all times. The abundance of native wildlife in the area can be a danger to children – please be vigilant.  At all of our properties children and infants must be kept at arms-length near water; be advised that there are dams and waterways at many Hunter Valley Stays properties, as well as adjoining properties, so ensure your children are supervised at all times. These dams and waterways are not suitable for swimming in (by either children or adults).

10.2      Please supervise children and infants when outside utilising any play equipment, swings, trampolines, tennis courts, basketball courts, boules and outdoor chess sets, and when inside using any games rooms or entertainment provided at the property.  Management will not accept any liability of any injury, permanent disability or death of any children and infants at the property.

10.3      If a property is listed on our website as not suitable for children, please note that Management reserves the right to cancel the booking if children are included in your group.

10.4      Children, under no circumstances are to be left unsupervised by and adult at the property.


11.       PETS

11.1      Hunter Valley Stays properties have a strict ‘no pets’ policy with the exception of 8 properties. If you are bringing your pet to one of our ‘pet-friendly’ properties, please note the following:

- Please bring own pet bedding and food/water bowls;
- Please clean up and dispose of pet droppings;
- Pets must not enter the house or be on any of the sofas and bedding;
- At some of our pet-friendly properties an enclosed area is provided;
- Any repairs or cleaning required due to evidence of pets being inside, or created any Damage to the property,

  will be charged to the Primary Guests security deposit.

11.2      Management will not accept liability of any pets or animals at the property.

11.3      If you bring pet(s) to the property without prior consent, you will be charged a fee of $100 in addition to our ‘per pet’ fee of $30 per stay.

11.4      If evidence of pets has been found at a none ‘pet-friendly’ property, and extra charge will apply along with the fees in 11.3 above.



12.1.     All monies paid, including bookings where initial 30% deposit has been paid or bookings where full payment has been made, are non-refundable.

12.2.     Where a guest elects to cancel their booking, if the arrival date is greater than 28 days from date of arrival, no changes will be permitted, and any monies paid will be forfeited in lieu of the same property being re-let for the same period for the same amount. We will make every effort to re-let the property for the same amount within the given time frame and if successful, will refund to the booking party all monies paid less an Administration Fee of $100 which covers the cost of amendments and administration to the booking, and any credit card charges. If the property can only be booked for a lesser amount guests will forfeit the $100 Administration Fee and the difference in the booking price. If the property cannot be re-booked, all monies paid will be forfeited. Guests are responsible for contacting us to check that the property has been re-booked. If the booking was made through a third-party booking platform, including but not limited to VRBO, Airbnb, TripAdvisor or, the commission amount normally charged by the third-party platform to Hunter Valley Stays will instead be deducted from the monies paid by the guest in addition to the $100 Administration Fee.

12.3     Where a guest elects to cancel their booking 28 days or less before their arrival date, Hunter Valley Stays will not attempt to re-let the property, the booking is non-refundable, and no changes will be permitted.

12.4     Hunter Valley Stays reserves the right to cancel any booking if we deem the group to be not suited to a particular property, or if the booking is in breach of any of our Terms and Conditions or, if the booking occupancy is not within NSW Health Guidelines or in breach of government-imposed Travel Restrictions or, if the occupancy is not approved by the Owner of the Property. If your booking is found to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions, you may lose all monies paid to Hunter Valley Stays.

12.5     In the unlikely event of the property being unavailable or out of order due to unforeseen service needs, damage from previous guests, environmental issues or, is no longer available due to sale of the property, change in management or business use, Hunter Valley Stays reserves the right to cancel at any time without notice in the event of these special circumstances. In this case, you will receive a full refund, or we will endeavour to find you a suitable alternative accommodation option from within our property portfolio.



13.1      Hunter Valley Stays reserves the right to move your booking due to circumstances beyond our control.

13.2      Hunter Valley Stays do not issue refunds for items we have no control over such as power outages, flooding, lightning strikes and other unforeseen circumstances.



14.1     Guests who require after-hours service are to call our after-hours contact number on 0477 010 010 and leave a voicemail. You will be contacted by our after-hours staff as soon as possible.

14.2      If a member of our maintenance staff is required for onsite assistance outside our normal trading hours of Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm, that is the result of loss of keys, lock out of accommodation or any issue that arises that is not the responsibility or fault of Hunter Valley Stays, a call out fee of $100 will be deducted from your security deposit.


15.       LOSS OR INJURY

15.1      Hunter Valley Stays, the Owner and their respective employees and agents take no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage of any property, or personal injury, or death, of any occupant, guest, or invitee of any such occupant, and they each exclude all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. The occupants acknowledge that the environment in which the property is located, and must take extreme care when inside and when venturing outside the property, including, without limitation, observing safety signage, fire and safety directions and procedures, electric fencing, automatic gates and cattle grates, and exercise caution when near farm animals and wildlife.

15.2      Hunter Valley Stays take no responsibility for the guests’ personal property.  If the property is left at the houses and needs to be returned, this will be done at the guests’ costs through Australia Post.



16.1     The personal information obtained from this website is used, where you have so requested: To provide products and services to you, to provide you with information, and to send newsletters or other communications to you.

16.2      Hunter Valley Stays may use your personal information for direct marketing or promotional activities, however, if we do undertake such activities, you will be provided with an opportunity when first contacted to decline to receive any further communications from us.

16.3     We do not pass guest details on to any third parties or external entities with the exception of our Concierge service.



17.1     All quotes received from Hunter Valley Stays are valid for a period of 7 days only. All our tariffs are published on our own website at If you are provided with an incorrect quote from our staff, Hunter Valley Stays reserves the right to adjust the quote to the published tariff. Rates may increase for concert or event weekends and/or maximum house numbers may be applied.

17.2      All estimated quotes from third party websites, are based on standard tariffs for minimum guest numbers. Final quotes for any properties must be from Hunter Valley Stays reservations team.



18.1     Not all properties have mobile coverage or provide access to internet so service can vary from property to property depending on their location and services provided by the owner. Please refer to the property features or ask our Reservation Team at time of booking. Guests have 1GB download capacity as Internet services, where provided, is done so as a courtesy to guests and not designed to facilitate high download such as movies or large files. Hunter Valley Stays cannot guarantee phone or internet coverage at any property.



19.1     Limited parking is available at each property and vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas and car parks or garages, and not on the grass or lawns. Any additional guests visiting the property where car parking is beyond the capacity of the property will need to either park on the street or arrive and depart via transfers such as private cars or buses.

19.2      Vehicles (including motorbikes) are not permitted to drive off designated roads e.g., onto lawns, paddocks, fields, bush tracks or fire trails.

19.3      No alternative accommodation of any kind is permitted at any Hunter Valley Stays property.  This includes, but is not limited to; motorhomes, camper-trailers, caravans, tents or swags.  Vehicles that provide accommodation cannot be used instead of, or in addition to, beds provided at the property.

19.4      The use of trail bikes, dirt bikes, quad bikes or any similar vehicles is not permitted on any property.



20.1      If your celebration does not exceed the number of guests booked and staying at the property, you are welcome to make your own arrangements as long as all details of any outside services that will be accessing the property have been communicated to our staff and all relevant insurances have been supplied.

20.2      All of our events where you are inviting other guests are coordinated exclusively through our partner company, Hunter Concierge who are responsible for managing all aspects of weddings/events at our properties that are approved to host weddings/events. In order to host your wedding at our properties, they must be booked for the maximum guest capacity, as well as a venue fee paid. All other event requirements and suppliers are to be coordinated by Hunter Concierge. Final event approval is at the discretion of the Owner.

20.3      Any 3rd party providers attending a property must be agreed in writing with Hunter Valley Stays, and all relevant insurances must be sighted within 14 days of attendance.



Please note all our properties receive their water supply from onsite water tanks.

21.1      Slip n Slides or Water slides (large pieces of plastic laid out on the lawn or area of the property for the purpose of sliding down with running water) are not permitted on any property.

21.2      The use of property water for washing cars or other vehicles or trailers that have been allowed on site is not permitted on any property

21.3      Open dams or other waterways located on Hunter Valley Stay’s properties are not suitable for swimming in.


22.       POOLS/SPAS

22.1      Any pools, spas or other house facilities are only for use by guests residing at the property.  The swimming pool/spa must not be used between the hours of     10.30pm and 7.00am.

22.2     Please ensure that the water levels do not drop below the filter box level on the pool or spa, as this can damage the pump motor. Please call Hunter Valley Stays (0477 010 010) should the pool/spa level be close to dropping or does drop below an acceptable level to ensure we can direct you to the right water supply to top the pool/spa up with.

22.3      Please do not take any glassware into pool and spa areas.

22.4      Please ensure that children are supervised at all times when using any pool and/or spa.

22.5      Please note that pools close for the winter season from approximately May to September each year (subject to change due to the weather).  Please note that some of our properties have pool covers in place during this time so please do not remove them.  During this period the pools are only serviced for the winter closures and not for swimming.  Some of our properties may have their pool gates locked for the winter season.